danone web2 PortfolioDanone wanted to launch their product “Danette” in Iran’s market. Danette is a pudding made of 88 % milk with the variety of flavours. Danette had some problems entering the market that they expected to be solved by the ads.

danone web 3 Portfolio


  • The Lack of brand awareness.
  • There were products in the market with lots of sugar and consumers had a negative presumption about the pudding products.
  • Iranian could not consider Danone as a dessert.
  • The target were kids, but they were not the decision makers about buying the desserts.
  • Iranians were not used to have dessert after food as much as Europeans.


  • Grab the attention of kids and give information to parents about the product.
  • Making an intensive for the consumers to buy the product and try it once and increase the chance of moving the product from the shelf.
  • Emphasizing the health approach of the product


  • I tried to grab the attention of the kids by using the animation of Aladdin and the Enchanted Lamp cartoon to present the Danette lottery. The consumers had a chance to win whatever they wish. This ad was advantageous to increase the first- time Danette consumers.
  • I used a well-respected Chef and celebrity “Saman Golriz” for the Danette endorsement. We could get lots of useful and incredible results for this endorsement activity. First, the previous activities of Golriz and his health approach as a chef helped me to position Dannete as a healthy product and reduce negative assumption about the brand as a pudding product. Second, This celebrity endorsement also gave the idea about the moment of using Danette as a dessert and after meals. Danone got lots of good result from this activity, and they are still working with Golriz after eight years.Slide 1Slide 1


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