User Testing

Samsung needed to improve their user experience in their  Persian website so I conducted a competitive benchmarking study, comparing Samsung with the three largest competitors in Iran. After this research, I did improvements and increased the user satisfaction by 45% in Samsung Iran website.

  • I created relevant product recommendation. The user testing, I conducted showed that 4/5 of participants did not refer to the recommended products because the products did not relate to what they were looking for. The recommendations become relevant to the user’s demand by the database and technical improvement during cooperation between me and developers. I also added the feature that explained to the user why they were suggested to see another product.
  • I provided enough content for the product. The user testing showed that about 80 % of Samsung online users use the Samsung competitors because they couldn’t find the content they were looking for on the Samsung page. I let users know what product is coming and going.
  • I made finding the content easy. Finding a product required many clicks, the auto search also had lots of unwelcome user testing


Creative design

Samsung Iran wanted to launch TVs with the ability to connect the internet for the first time.


  • The Samsung’s worldwide ads could not be localized because there were issues in Iran such as people did not know “on that time” what might be the bifacial of a TV the ability of internet access.
  • Samsung had to compete with a powerful competitor “Sony” which was the first choice of higher social class of society.


  • To show Samsung TV attributes and connect them to consumer’s values (laddering Technics).
  • Presenting Samsung Brand as a choice of high social grade consumers.


  • I explained the functionality of a TV that gives more choices to watch for the consumer.
  • I also presented Samsung as a high prestige TV brand in order to give Samsung a more emotional advantage in competition with “Sony” on the market.
  • I used the hobbies of higher social people such as tennis and classical music in the ads to message the audience that Samsung is a high prestige brand.

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