MTN communication company is now active in Iran with the brand name “Irancell” which now has about fifty present of telecommunication market share in Iran. I was in charge of this brand’s digital creative production, UX and UI.

Iracell Portfolio


  • Irancell was a new brand in Iran, and they had a low brand awareness.
  • They had a little antenna coverage in their launching service.
  • They wanted to develop their antenna coverage in different cities gradually.
  • They had a compelling governmental c
  • a competitor that was in the market for the years exclusively for years.


  • Using emotional appeal in the Iran market to increase the advertising effectiveness.
  • Using the sweet childhood memories of Iranians in the advertising.
  • Describing the positive attributes of choosing Irancell as a telecommunications provider.
  • We focused on the young generation that is sensitive to the price


I used an icon that is so romantic and emotional for Iranians to explain this feature of Irancell. Every new year Iranians buy golden fish as a symbol of happiness for the new year. Kids have to choose that fish. They put that fish in the plastic bag and go home happy. I used this icon as a symbol of selecting your phone number that Irancell provided this ability. This symbol was used vastly in the Irancell’s TVCs and prints. This emotional appeal of this was so successful and made lots of awareness.




    • I demonstrated the Irancell coverage development in the print and TVCs by using traffic signs and naming different cities on them to show Irancell is in
    • that cities now.



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