G- factory is a printing factory with more than 10K people worldwide


“People” is an application for workers, The PEOPLE WHO MAKE print packaging goods in the G-factory, I named them as “People”


Users are “People” down the line who are responsible for coming up with the products of the company.


“People” can Work, Communicate, Enjoy and Learn with this product

This Product mission is to meet people’s NEEDS and solve their PROBLEMS

BIG Problem

There are big problems in the world like homelessness, depression. These Big problems have been existed everywhere and there is no simple quick solution for these big problems.  The labor problem is around the difficulties faced by workers and employers who began to cut wages for various reasons including increased technology, desire for lower costs or to stay in business.

ProblemROOTOF PROBLEM Problem impact on “People” 
Solutions SA, SB, SC, SD
PALack of IndividualityDecrease “Peoples” self esteem and self confidence (I)People have their own individual digital profile. They have  opportunity to put their personal images and interest into their profile   (II)The copyright of software have a friendly tone  SA
PBPeople don’t document the problems digitallyPeople don’t communicate enough“People” experience same problemsRepeated mistakes occurs all the timePeople be able to discover technical  problems and offer solutions People communicate through company platform SB
PCRDC Needs major changes in user journey Time consuming and not useful for “people”People Use the platform to benefit from using the companies application like Quick Clock ON/OFFRequesting leaves, Ordering cloths SC
PDPeople do not learn and don’t progressStop learning cause fear in “People”Learning platform in the application improves people skills give them confidence and make them ready for the job market in future SD

SA(I) People have their own individual digital profile. They have opportunity to put their personal images and interest into their profile

  • Managers know “People” so they can have more empathy
  • Encourage “People” to learn more, and show the of it evidences in their profile
  • HR and management team would have a quick access to the “People” information and licences
  • A well-presented profile helps “People” to stay marketable. They can record what they have learned.This decrease the anxiety of workers and help them to be more professional and responsible
  • “People” would be more connected to each other and company.

SA(I) People have their own individual digital profile.
  • Name of people have to be used in every page.
  • The application copyright should change do greetings like, good morning, good afternoon, G’day, drive safe home, have a good weekend 
  • Peoples happy birthday and important days 
  • The whole application writing have a cool and empathic friendly and helpful tone, in one word “CARING

SB(I,II) People be able to discover technical  problems and offer solutions and communicate through company platform 

SC(I,II)People Use the platform to benefit from using the companies application

(I)Quick Clock ON/OFF

(II)Simple going to beak and quick signing back in returning 

(III)Requesting leaves, Cloths, …

  • Quick and easy sign in by face recognition 
  • Quick clock on by smile recognition.
  • Bottoms to help quick going to break and easy to start again
  • People can take photo from the bad materials easy to document  and report 
  • People can easily report their stop and start times and ask engineering team help.